Residential & Commercial Assessment

Since 2010, the Lewiston Police Department has offered to all residents in the Town and Village of Lewiston a free home security assessment. A patrol officer will set up an appointment to meet with the home owner(s) to review a five page security checklist of the residence. The checklist covers the front entrance area, side entrance, garage doors, basement doors, ground windows, exterior lighting, and security alarm systems. The patrol officer will also go over additional security measures to take when the home owner is away on vacation, along with general home security protection with concerns to valuables. An initial assessment of a single family home will last approximately 30-60 minutes.

To set up your appointment please contact us at (716) 754-8477 from 8:30-3:30 Monday thru Friday. Please remember to clearly display your house number so police and other emergency services can find your home without delay.